The First Storm of Dogs
Vital statistics
Participants Sky Dogs, Earth-Dog, Forest-Dog, Lightning, Wind, Legend Dogs
Location Earth
Book Mentions The Empty City
"The came the first great battle. The terrible Storm of Dogs, when all the dogs of the world fought to see who would rule over the territories of the world."
Lucky's Mother The Empty City, page 2
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 The First Storm of Dogs is a dog legend about a time before Longpaws.


The Empty CityEdit

Lightning LegendEdit

During the Storm of Dogs, Earth-dog was pleased because she thought it meant Lightning would die. Unfortunately for her, Lightning outran death again. She set a trap for him, and he almost fell into it. However, the sky dogs loved Lightning, and took him up into the sky to be with them.

Wind LegendEdit

During the Storm, Wind was chased by a huge dog. Forest-Dog, who had a respect for her, taught her how to climb trees and she escaped the Storm of Dogs.


"Many stories are told of those dreadful days, and many heroes were made and lost in the battle."
Lucky's Mother The Empty City, page 2
"Watch out, little ones. Watch out for the Storm of Dogs..."
Lucky's Mother The Empty City, page 5
"Then the Storm of Dogs arrived, and the world turned upside down."
Bella The Empty City, page 101
""I've heard dogs say that one day, there will be another great battle, when a dog displeases the Earth-Dog. Then, dog will fight against dog, and great heroes will rise and fall."

"But not for a long time, right?"

"Ah, We don't know. It might come soon; it might not. We must always watch out for the signs. They say that when the world is turned upside down and broken open, the Storm of Dogs will come again and we'll have to fight to survive once more.""

Lucky's Mother and Yowl. The Empty City, page 4


  • This is between the spirit-dogs, not between dogs.